Here are the specs and equipment list:

Type:              Piper Archer II
Model:             PA28-181
Registration:      N2227X
Serial Number:     28-7990369
last update:       8/30/97
TTAF:              about 6000 hrs
TT Engine:         2295 hrs
TT SMOH:           295 hrs
TT Prop:           295 hrs
Annual:            January 1998
IFR Certification: January 1999

Fuel: 50 Gallons, 8.5 Gal/Hr
Absolute Ceiling: 15,000 ft.
VNE    154 KIAS   never exceed speed
VNO    125 KIAS   maximum structural cruising speed
VA     113 KIAS   Full maneuvering/turbulence speed
VROT   41 KIAS    takeoff rotation speed w/full flaps
VY     76 KIAS    best rate of climb speed at GW
VX     64 KIAS    best angle of climb speed at GW
       87 KIAS    enroute climb speed
       17 KIAS    maximum demonstrated crosswind velocity
VS1    55 KIAS    stall speed no flaps
VSO    49 KIAS    stall speed full flaps

Propeller:     Sensenich Mod:76EM8S5-O-62 Ser: 30739K New 7/12/96
Engine:        Lycoming Mod: O360A4M Ser: L-23318-36A 7/12/96
Alternator:    Chrysler Mod: 2642997 Ser: 6081475 New 1/3/97
Voltage Reg.:  Electrosystems Mod: VR371 New 8/1/97
Magnetos:      Slick New 7/12/96
Carburetor:    Marvel 7/12/96
Eng. Heater:   Safe Heat Mod: TBM700 New 11/15/96
Tires:         New around 11/15/96
Vacuum:        Engine Driven Vacuum, Standby Vacuum System, and alternate Static
Instruments:   Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, VSI, DG, Attitude, Turn and Slip Indicator
              (3/8/96), EGT Gauge (new 2/7/96),
Hobbs Meter, Davtron Digital Clock (new around 3/96), OAT mechanical, OAT Digital.

Avionics: Insight Graphic Engine Monitor Mod: GEM 610 (new 7/30/96)
          Foster LRN 500 Loran, Quietflite Intrepid Stereo 
          4-place intercom (new 3/1/96), BFG WX900 Stormscope

Autopilot: AutoControl IIIB (with heading bug, coupling to NAV1, NAV2, Loran)

Radios:        All King
NAV/COM 1      KX170B all channel
NAV/COM 2      KX170B all channel
GS Receiver    KN75 GlideSlope Receiver
NAV1 Ind.      KI209 VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
NAV2 Ind.      KI208 VOR/LOC Indicator
ADF            KR86 ADF Receiver w/built-in indicator
Audio Panel    KMA20
Transponder    KT76 (or 78?) Mode C Radar Transponder

ELT            CCC CIR-11-2
Handheld       NAV/COM
GPS            Apollo Precedus Handheld

Lights: Rotating Beacon, Nav Lights, Instrument Lights, Halogen Landing light, 
           Whelen Wing Tip Strobes, mostly new bulbs

 Battery, Starter, and Alternator cables replaced with all new copper cables 1/26/96
 	 (Bogert STC)
 Static Dischargers all new 7/97
 Battery new 12/95
 Piper Battery Strap Kit new, and battery box rebuilt 1/30/96
 Piper Electric Trim
 Pitot Heat  Piper, rebuilt 9/97
 Air Conditioner Removed and Vent/Fan system rebuilt and rewired 6/96
 Fire Extinguisher 12/19/95
 Oxygen System (2-place) new 7/96

Maintenance is managed with the ADLOG system.

For more information, please contact Phill Apley, president, at