We have an alternative that doesn't require you to go it alone.

The Alien Aviation Flying Association owns Archer N2227X. We're looking for a few investors at any level of Aviation experience to join us in sharing the joys and responsibilities of aircraft ownership. We'll also accept non-owning renters who meet the open pilot requirements of our insurance policy. (as a footnote: Such renters should provide their own renters insurance, since only owners will be fully protected with non-subrogating coverage). The club also has a lot of accessories and a library for use by participants.

N2227X is based at 6B6 Minuteman Airport in Stow, MA. It's a 1979 Archer II which has received a great deal of maintenance attention and upgrades since it was purchased in 1996. Highlights are: a new primary electrical system, a new Mattituck rebuilt (lyc O360A4M) engine, new Sensenich Propeller, Garmin GPSMap 396 Handheld GPS, BFG WX900 Stormscope, Insight Graphic Engine Monitor, Electric Engine Heater, and 4-place Quietflite Intrepid Stereo Intercom, and a new paint job. N2227X is now in absolutely prime mechanical condition.

Block rates and other fees vary according to investment level, and are competitive with FBOs and other clubs.

For more information, please contact Phill Apley at pga@alum.mit.edu, or the phone numbers listed above. Click below for airplane specs.

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